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Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Counseling Center in Woodinville.

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Our Services:

Motivations Recovery Center was founded in 1990 for the purpose of helping people understand the many ways alcohol and other drugs alter our lives, bodies, minds, and relationships and to provide support in solving problems caused by alcohol/drug use. Some develop chemical dependency. Others suffer from the effects alcohol and drugs have on their ability to think, make choices, and interact with their friends, family, and society as a whole.


At Motivations, we provide therapy or treatment which is an external discipline designed to educate, support, and foster the development of an internal discipline of personal responsibility. In order to achieve lasting change in attitudes, moods, and behaviors, discipline and consistency over time is necessary. A personalized counseling program appropriate to the severity of the alcohol or drug related problem each individual is experiencing is determined through an initial consult or a more detailed diagnostic evaluation during our first contact.


As a Washington State certified alcohol/drug treatment facility, Motivations provides individual counseling, group counseling, intensive outpatient treatment (morning and evening sessions available), Deferred Prosecution treatment, and evaluations or monitoring for alcohol/drug related legal problems such as DUI. Most health insurance covers treatment.

Chemical dependency is a very wide spread problem in our society. The recovery process varies from six months to two years-for the individual and for the family and friends of the person with chemical dependency. Each recovery is unique to the person involved depending upon the severity of the problem, stage of progression, and social support for the recovery and relapse prevention. If an individual could solve their alcohol or drug problem without any help, they would have already solved it.


Counseling at Motivations is done in a comfortable, professional, confidential outpatient setting with no metal folding chairs or stale coffee. Motivations does not use educational videos at any time. Group counseling is limited to 12 persons or less per group to ensure individual attention and participation. You will be treated with respect.


Many people believe that, if they go to a treatment center for a consultation or an assessment/evaluation, treatment will automatically be recommended. This is not true at Motivations. We are here to serve our clients and only recommend what I believe is in the best interest of each separate individual.